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What Is 100X Acceleration?
100X Acceleration Really Is Your Quickest Path To Increased Levels Of Income, Influence, and Impact In Your Kingdom Assignment

Save $2,000 Off The Regular Price When You Join Today
Acceleration Is A 12-Month Membership Into The #1 Community and Training Program For Kingdom Entrepreneurs In The World! 

Do You Want To Take Years And Potentially Decades Off Your Learning Curve?

Would You Like To Save Yourself Potentially Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Wasted Time and Mistakes?

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        What's Included With My 100X Acceleration Membership?

        12 Months Of Best-In-Class Training For Prospering As A Kingdom Entrepreneurship And Succesfully Marketing On-Line ($4,997 Value)

        Join weekly live training sessions 1-2 times per week and learn invaluable kingdom principles, entrepreneurship skills, and best in class marketing training. 

        Weekly "Love Seat" Breakthrough Sessions ($997 Value) 

        Save Time and Money In These Live Interactive Q&A Sessions 

        Come With Any and All Of Your Questions You Have Regarding Kingdom Entrepreneurship...Get Feedback and Coaching On Your Offer, Your Ads, and Sales Funnels So You Can Move Quickly And Avoid Costly Mistakes And Wasted TIme.

        This Is Your Weekly Opportunity To Get 1 on 1 attention And Receive Practical Strategies For How to Breakthrough Into Your Next Level Of Kingdom Advancement.

        Kingdom Funnels Training ($1,997 Value)

        How To Launch or Accelerate Your Business With The 3 Simplest And Most Effective Sales Funnels Every Kingdom Entrepreneur Needs.

        Save Yourself Time and Money Experimenting, And Allow Me To Show You The Only 3 Funnels You Will Ever Need To Earn $1,000,000 Or More As A Kingdom Entrepreneur.

         Weekly Prophetic Equipping and Ministry W/ Keith Ferrante ($2,497 Value)

        Keith specializes in helping Emerging Prophets and Marketplace Leaders get breakthrough. Keith helps people know where they are and where they are supposed to be, and helps give them the tools to get where they should be going. People's personal lives are transformed and as a result the world they live and work in is transformed. 

        Bonus #1: 1 Free VIP Passes to 100X Conference in 2020 ($497 Value) OR 2 Live Stream Tickets

        Come and see why 100X has so quickly become known for putting on the absolute best events for Kingdom Entrepreneurs in the world. 

        You will be overwhelmed by the love and hospitality of the 100X team, have your mind-blown session after session, and experience Holy Spirit and the prophetic in a whole new way.

        Bonus #2: 7 Days of Facebook Ads Mastery For Kingdom Entrepreneurs: ($1,997 Value)

        Learn How To Put The Right Message In Front Of Your Ideal Who For Pennies on the Dollar.

        Learn From Ad Agency Owner Stephanie Blake and Pedro Adao, Everything You Need To Know, and Nothing You Don't About How To Create Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns On A Budget.

        Bonus #3: Prophetic Processing W/ Dano McCollam - Live 90 Minute Training ($497 Value)

        Learn From World Renowned Prophetic Trainer Dan McCollam On How You CAn Proactively Partner With The Prophetic Words Over Your Life Without Completely Missing It and 

         Bonus #4: The Million Dollar Author - How To Build A Thriving Business From Your Book (Value of $1,997)

        The Complete Blueprint For How I Made Well Over $1M From My Self Published Book Without A Without Ever Having To Sell A Single Copy

        Your Mind Will Be Blown In This Two Hour Training For Existing And Aspiring Authors That Want To Crush It With Their Book.

         Bonus #5: The Procrastination Killer - The One Day Business Launch ($997 Value)

         The Step-By-Step Process For Launching Your Kingdom Business In One Day. 

        Kill Procrastination By Taking Massive Action In One Day And Launch A New Funnel For A New Or Existing Business.

        Bonus #6: Selling As A Kingdom Entrepreneur ($1,997 Value)

        Learn How To Effectively Help People Take Decisive Action In The Direction They Already Want To Go.

        Becoming A Skilled Salesperson Will All You To Get Paid What You Are Worth Without Lying, Exaggerating, Misleading, or Manipulating

        Bonus #7: The Step By Step Guide For How To Launch A Professional Quality Podcast  ($997 Value) 

        Get step-by-step instruction from an industry expert who has successfully launched multiple #1 Podcasts.

        Your Kingdom Message Needs To Be Heard. Save Yourself Countless Hours Of Frustration And Wasting Money On Courses and Service Providers When You Can Launch Your Own Podcast For Next To Nothing. 
        12 Months Of Acceleration + 7 Bonuses Has A Total Value Of $19,500
        Yes, That's Right...

        When You Sign Up For Acceleration Right Now...

        You Are Going To Get...
        • ​12 Months Of Daily Live Inspiration, and Equipping In The High Calling Of Kingdom Entrepreneurship  (Value of $4,997)  
        • ​Unlimited Anti-Stuck Breakthrough Sessions - Weekly Opportunities for 1:1 Coaching and Consulting (Value of $997) 
        • ​The Secret Weapon  - 12 Months of Weekly Prophetic Equipping and Insight With Keith Ferrante ($2,497 Value)
        • ​How To Be Fulfilled and Achieve Financial Abundance With A Kingdom Funnel (Value of $1,997)
        Plus 7 Awesome Bonuses
        • Bonus #1 - Facebook Ad Campaigns Training ($1,997 Value)
        • Bonus #2 - 1 VIP Tickets To A 100X Conference or 2 Live Stream Tickets ($994 Value)
        • Bonus #3 - How To See Your Prophetic Words Come To Pass With Dan McCollam ($497 Value)
        • Bonus #4 - How To Turn A Book Into A Highly Profitable and Fulfilling Offer To Your Ideal Who  (Value of $1,997)  
        • Bonus #5 - Free Ticket To Sow-A-Saturday: Your Kingdom Business Up and Running In 12 Hours Or Less  (Value of $997)  
        • Bonus #6 - How To Influence and Sell Without Ever having To Be Pushy or Manipulative (Value of $1,997)
        • Bonus #7 - Step-By-Step Video Training To Find Your Voice and Launch a Professional Podcast (Value of $997) 
        12 Months Of Acceleration + 7 Bonuses Has A Total Value Of $19,500
        I Have Personally Spent Close To $200,000 On Marketing Courses and Mentoring...

        I Have Paid More Than $25,000 Programs That Didn't Deliver Anywhere Near As Much Value As Acceleration Does .

        Get Started Now For Only
        $997 Now and $997 In 30 Days

        4:14 Challenger...

        Isn't it absolutely incredible what the Lord has done and is doing in the midst of us here in the 4:14 Challenge?

        I hope that you are growing as a Kingdom Entrepreneur and enjoying being part of this awesome Kingdom Family...

        Given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, my team and I here at 100X wanted to know that we did everything we could to serve the people we are called in these pivotal times...

        Which is why we decided to do the 4:14 Challenge in the first place...

        And provide you with the 100X Acceleration course absolutely free for 30 Days...

        And I will continue to show up and serve here in the The 4:14 Challenge as promised up until April 24th...

        However, on April 25th the training videos will begin to be removed and transferred over to the 100X Acceleration 2020 Group...

        I have now served tens of thousands of Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs through our Challenges and this one thing I know...

        At the end of the challenge, every single person is wanting more time and access to the training videos...

        As you are seeing, the training available here in 100X is not superficial marketing training...this is not about the latest tips and techniques...

        This is mentoring....this is training for reigning in life as a Kingdom Entrepreneur...

        Much of what I have shared and will continue to share is very deep and will take weeks and months to process out with the Lord...

        However, as a one-time opportunity, you can pre-enroll in the newly updated for 2020 The 100X Acceleration Program and get started now for only $997 

        That's right instead of paying $2,997...you can start today for only $997 and another $997 in 30 days.

        That is a 33% savings of over $1,000 off the price hundreds of others have paid when you pre-enroll now instead of waiting 3 weeks from now...

        Again, I want to do my part to help equip and empower as many Kingdom Entrepreneurs as possible.

        Because I believe I am doing my part...

        I am going to respectfully ask you to do your part...

        Which means to invest in yourself, invest into Kingdom Expansion, and take action...

        When you take advantage of this special opportunity...my request is that by accepting this invitation into Acceleration 2020 for only $997 now and $997 in 30 days you do so under a personal responsibility agreement.

        Which means I am asking you to take personal responsibility to follow through on what I will be teaching you...

        You agree to take personal responsibility for your own results and success as a Kingdom Entrepreneur...

        I am here to lead and teach you everything you need to know to prosper as a Kingdom Entrepreneur...

        I will hold nothing back...I will share everything I have learned that has allowed me to build two multiple million dollar a year businesses and how I have now helped many many of my students have massive success and fulfillment as a kingdom entrepreneurs.

        But at the end of the day, your success will come down to your willingness to take action on what you learn and therefore, I am asking you to consider this investment into yourself and into 100X Acceleration as non-refundable.

        If that makes you a little nervous, I totally understand... 

        If that is you please feel to join 100X Acceleration under the one time investment now of $1,997 and I would be happy to extend to you our 60 Day Conditional Guarantee. 

        Or maybe, this is the very thing you need right now at the just the right time to get you taking action and into momentum for such a time as this...

        If that's you then, enter your information above and welcome to 100X Acceleration 2020.

        With Love and In Your Service,


        Listen To Stephen's Life Changing Experience Stepping Into Prosperity As A Kingdom Entrepreneur in 100X

        Dr. Janet Roark Shares How She Saw Her Favor Sky Rocket After Joining 100X

        Listen To Stay Home Rachel K Who Saw Her Monthly Income Take Off After Applying Just One Of The Kingdom Principles She Learned In 100X

        Check out How Bruce and Lyndsey Applied The Marketing Principles They Learned In 100X To Immediately Land New Clients and Explode Their Monthly Income.

        Disclaimer: While many people in 100X have had success launching and growing business, your success is not guaranteed. While we here at 100X take great pride in providing your with virtually everything we believe you need to start prospering as a Kingdom Entrepreneur, we will not be doing the work for you.

        By taking advantage of this 4:14 For Such A Time As This Offer you are taking personal responsibility for your own results. 

        We are in a time of unusual uncertainty and therefore, your purchase of 100X Acceleration 2020 involves a measure of financial risk and while many many people have prospered and are extremely happy with their decision to join 100X, there is a real chance that you will not earn your money back in the immediate future or ever.

        We are committed to helping our 100X Acceleration members prosper best we can, and look forward to serving you for years to come.

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